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Lynx White by shibaryuji Lynx White :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 2 0 RAVEN by shibaryuji RAVEN :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 2 0 Valentine by shibaryuji Valentine :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 2 0 Evil Eye by shibaryuji Evil Eye :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 4 0 Merry Christmas by shibaryuji Merry Christmas :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 1 0
United World Episode 1 The Recruits Part 1
"You know I thought things would be good, things would be greater than what they appear... I was wrong. Who am I you ask? You will know soon enough but really not at the moment. You might also be asking, "What are you talking about?" Simple really... The collision."
"The Collision, an event that merged worlds of all dimensions, these dimensions I speak of is seperate realities of what I know, over 200 realities have been subjected to it, how this happened? Several people have their theories, such as God had decided it's time to unite these worlds, some mad scientist made a machine breaking the barriers to these worlds, or some magic mumbo jumbo. A couple of people honestly has the true answer, I'm one of them of course."
"As the Collision occured, the 200 worlds faded out of existence with thousands of lives screaming in agony, several people made special ships called The Arks to transport several others out of that dying world... around 25 Arks were made I believe...nah I know. They a
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Kamen Rider Krieger by shibaryuji Kamen Rider Krieger :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Jaeger by shibaryuji Kamen Rider Jaeger :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Over by shibaryuji Kamen Rider Over :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Sengoku by shibaryuji Kamen Rider Sengoku :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Savior by shibaryuji Kamen Rider Savior :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Snatch by shibaryuji Kamen Rider Snatch :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 kamen rider Killer class gems by shibaryuji kamen rider Killer class gems :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Shooter's Gems by shibaryuji Kamen Rider Shooter's Gems :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Caster's Rider Gems by shibaryuji Kamen Rider Caster's Rider Gems :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Quest's Class Gems by shibaryuji Kamen Rider Quest's Class Gems :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 1 0


Larva Forms Chibi Style by Waito-chan Larva Forms Chibi Style :iconwaito-chan:Waito-chan 31 21 KHIERAMON by neoarchangemon KHIERAMON :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 107 22 DigiHumon by neoarchangemon DigiHumon :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 71 14 HUMON by neoarchangemon HUMON :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 63 11 Karitorumon and Reapormon by neoarchangemon Karitorumon and Reapormon :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 80 11 FlowIximon by neoarchangemon FlowIximon :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 68 21 Farasmon and Iximon by neoarchangemon Farasmon and Iximon :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 74 9 Reaper Calumon by neoarchangemon Reaper Calumon :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 92 17 POSEIDEMON by neoarchangemon POSEIDEMON :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 115 8 MerAngemon by neoarchangemon MerAngemon :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 114 4 Spritemon and AquAngemon by neoarchangemon Spritemon and AquAngemon :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 142 5 Jeri Katou (Adult) by neoarchangemon Jeri Katou (Adult) :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 44 22 LEGEND ROCKERMON by neoarchangemon LEGEND ROCKERMON :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 69 14 EVOLUMON (old version) by neoarchangemon EVOLUMON (old version) :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 133 28 Echomon and Rockermon by neoarchangemon Echomon and Rockermon :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 52 21 Amp'd Rockermon (Rave Mode) by neoarchangemon Amp'd Rockermon (Rave Mode) :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 50 10


Lynx White
So yeah I've been watching kyuranger, which I say made my top 5 Super Sentai list in number 1, so I just made the head piece for an Oc called Lynx White who uses the Lynx Kyutama and is from the Lynx System, his name is Shiro and he's a son to a noble family that began to support Jark Matter, Shiro upon realizing this had defected from his family and set out to join the Rebellion, though one thing always gets in his way...he's the universe's UNLUCKIEST guy in the universe! Due to his misfortune he always gets in trouble someway or another. His species is a feline based species and are known to be quite skilled in many skills such as Swordplay, the planet is home to some of the best Samurai and Ninja, and such skills Shiro had self taught himself. His main wish is to help make people in the universe happy once more, so he discovered his system's Kyutama the Lynx Kyutama, though it was only a skill Kyutama he used a prototype Star Changer that was left behind by the Rebellion to transform, eventually the Star Changer was modified to be able to not have a time limit, yet the drawbacks is his body loses a year off his lifespan every time he transforms. He eventually finds the Orion on Earth and Joins the fray.
Frozen Star, Lynx White has arrived!
His weapon of choice is actually various because his special weapon is able to shift into a total of 5 forms, Katana, Kusarigama, Shuriken, Arrow, and finally Nunchucks. His transformation also gives the unique ability to create icy winds that will freeze enemies in place, and his weapons manifests the icy wind giving them the ability to freeze people as well.
However Shiro is not alone in weaponry, he holds 4 other Kyutama, Canus Minor, Canus Major, Corvus, and Unicorn, Major gives the ability to manifests flames, while minor manifests lightning. Corvus turns Shiro into a living shadow and Unicorn is a transformation Kyutama that creates samurai like armor on his body transforming his katana in the process. However using Minor, Major and Corvus takes a day off his lifespan when used, and Unicorn will take a total of 3 years off when used.
He seems to be jealous of Lucky for his mass luck but is on friendly terms.
Shiro respects Stinger for his solo like acts and kinda agrees with him for doing such.
Shiro really likes Garu and despite him being canine Shiro treats him like a close friend.
Balance ticks Shiro off...especially his thieving antics, Shiro despises thieves in specific.
Champ and Shiro don't really socialize much but makes a good team, Champ's strength and Shiro's maneuverability is a great combo.
Shiro respects Naga in his attempts to gain emotions and wishes to help him.
Shiro socializes with Hammy the most other than Garu, especially since Hammy is from a ninja family they have something in common.
Shiro does not like to socialize with Raptor cause she seemed serious to him for some bit of recklessness and for messing up certain missions for his bad luck.
Spada to Shiro is a nice guy and he likes to test his dishes loving it.
Shou Longbao for Shiro is an idol and a great commander he follows to death.
Kotaro holds some respect from Shiro cause he likes his determination to be a Kyuranger.
So Persona 5 came out and the whole style was thieves so I decided to make a mask for an OC im making, meet Tsubasa Sora's mask, Tsubasa is a student who is practicing to be a doctor but when he stumbled upon the other world he has to face the Palace of his mentor, who views everyone's lives as little to none and has no care about their well being occasionally getting drunk or heading off to do golf or even flirt with the fellow nurses. Upon realizing his truth Tsubasa was in shock and realized the only reason why he was teaching him was so he can ruin his chances of ever being a doctor, Tsubasa then awakened to the new self, his codename "Raven." Raven fights using a rapier along with a sniper rifle, and his Persona is Bonnie and Clyde who represent the Lovers Arcana. Tsubasa acts mainly as a medic for the Phantom Thieves.
Evil Eye
The Evil Eye a sacred diabolical organization led by 5 villains from multiple worlds, their goal is to conquer the united world and corrupt the 100 Sacred Matrixes, this organization was started by the leaders who decided they will not have a world full of heroes so what better way is to kill the same heroes they despise. Their leaders are Mephiles the Dark of the Sonic Universe, Azi Dahaka of the Buddyfight Universe, Ganondorf of the Legend of Zelda Universe, Lucemon of the Digimon Universe, and finally Malefor of the Spyro Universe.

All 5 of these villains have another thing in common for they are of the 100 Sacred Matrixes meaning their group has five all on their own. The mark they use to determine their organization is decided due to a sacred evil that Mephiles had discovered to be pieced up between worlds, but with the unison of worlds the pieces were brought as one, only needing a soul to bring it back to life, a soul that the 100 can provide.
Merry Christmas
Thank you for the support over the few months everyone I'll strive to be a better artist everyone and I hope you all have a merry Christmas

ShibaRyuji howling out AROOOOOO
Hi there everybody, I am gonna be working on different series for my account, and don't worry I will get to the characters list for the other 13 Aus but it seems that's a longer and more troublesome act, there is just to many to work with, of course I will try my best at getting to them.

On other news due suspect a new update on my account soon, for the basis of my new series called Collapse Universe, so stay tuned for today...or maybe tomorrow.


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