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United World Episode 1 The Recruits Part 1
"You know I thought things would be good, things would be greater than what they appear... I was wrong. Who am I you ask? You will know soon enough but really not at the moment. You might also be asking, "What are you talking about?" Simple really... The collision."
"The Collision, an event that merged worlds of all dimensions, these dimensions I speak of is seperate realities of what I know, over 200 realities have been subjected to it, how this happened? Several people have their theories, such as God had decided it's time to unite these worlds, some mad scientist made a machine breaking the barriers to these worlds, or some magic mumbo jumbo. A couple of people honestly has the true answer, I'm one of them of course."
"As the Collision occured, the 200 worlds faded out of existence with thousands of lives screaming in agony, several people made special ships called The Arks to transport several others out of that dying world... around 25 Arks were made I believe...nah I know. They a
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Kamen Rider Krieger :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Jaeger :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Over :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Sengoku :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Savior :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Snatch :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 kamen rider Killer class gems :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Shooter's Gems :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Caster's Rider Gems :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 0 0 Kamen Rider Quest's Class Gems :iconshibaryuji:shibaryuji 1 0
Collapsed Universe
Collapsed Universe
During a time called the great collapse worlds of all kinds begin dying by a mysterious force, what’s more troublesome about this is that no one can stop it. To escape the Collapse the many worlds created their own unique transports called the ARKs with them they escaped their dying worlds…but sadly many of their populations couldn’t be saved and died along with the worlds destruction.
The ARKs traveled in the endless space for an entire week until a gateway opens, a new world emerging from it a world filled with life, the many ARKs landed on the world, but once they did memories of theirs are rewritten, only a select few kept the memories.
With the new memories, they got new lives, everything seems peaceful…not. You see with the many people they have begun to develop a racist attitude to anthro like species such as the Mobians and other animal based organisms. With the racists things got more troublesome when machines from the
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Sonic SIN Au Characters Part 1
Sonic “Maurice” the Hedgehog
Age 18 / Hedgehog
Sonic Speed- This is the Gift that gives Sonic his heightened super speed, determining how he uses it he could change his molecular structure to phase through walls or could even think faster, but he doesn’t like to use the added abilities of it, he claims it gives him a bloody nose and a head ache. His speed could be heightened to the point he can break the time barrier being able to move forward or backwards in time but has never attempted this himself without the help of his friends.
Sonic Wind- This Gift allows Sonic to create blue gusts of wind or even push himself to a faster pace, this gift can also coat his arm in cast of wind that can be propelled like a concussive blast strong enough to break a boulder.
Chaos Shift- Sonic can manipulate the Chaos energy of the Chaos Emerald but over the many uses a new form of power has been presented to him, a mock super form if you will, Chaos Shift occurs when Sonic is
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freddy's live :icongatanii69:gatanii69 1,286 51
Mature content
Blood Roots :icondareckless:DaReckless 80 38


Evil Eye
The Evil Eye a sacred diabolical organization led by 5 villains from multiple worlds, their goal is to conquer the united world and corrupt the 100 Sacred Matrixes, this organization was started by the leaders who decided they will not have a world full of heroes so what better way is to kill the same heroes they despise. Their leaders are Mephiles the Dark of the Sonic Universe, Azi Dahaka of the Buddyfight Universe, Ganondorf of the Legend of Zelda Universe, Lucemon of the Digimon Universe, and finally Malefor of the Spyro Universe.

All 5 of these villains have another thing in common for they are of the 100 Sacred Matrixes meaning their group has five all on their own. The mark they use to determine their organization is decided due to a sacred evil that Mephiles had discovered to be pieced up between worlds, but with the unison of worlds the pieces were brought as one, only needing a soul to bring it back to life, a soul that the 100 can provide.
Merry Christmas
Thank you for the support over the few months everyone I'll strive to be a better artist everyone and I hope you all have a merry Christmas

ShibaRyuji howling out AROOOOOO
"You know I thought things would be good, things would be greater than what they appear... I was wrong. Who am I you ask? You will know soon enough but really not at the moment. You might also be asking, "What are you talking about?" Simple really... The collision."

"The Collision, an event that merged worlds of all dimensions, these dimensions I speak of is seperate realities of what I know, over 200 realities have been subjected to it, how this happened? Several people have their theories, such as God had decided it's time to unite these worlds, some mad scientist made a machine breaking the barriers to these worlds, or some magic mumbo jumbo. A couple of people honestly has the true answer, I'm one of them of course."

"As the Collision occured, the 200 worlds faded out of existence with thousands of lives screaming in agony, several people made special ships called The Arks to transport several others out of that dying world... around 25 Arks were made I believe...nah I know. They all suspected the worlds had died, when in reality they were brought together merging into a singular world, the United World, Earth Omega, Earth Alpha, many named were given to such a beautiful creation."

"5 years had passed since the Collision, everyone enjoyed their lives...maybe it was because they all had their minds rewrittened on that day, oh well they can live to their false delusions all they want, the one's of the Arks had kept the memories of the past and the new present. Most of the people from the Arks accepted the new world, some did not... spineless people who wished to go back to the past makes me sick. Oh well this world has it's up and downs, one of which was the great robotic war where machines of all sorts began to rise against the world which lead to their own destruction... or maybe most of those bloody robots, not that I don't like em, I do really but they think taking over the world will do them any good, they are DEAD WRONG."

"Most of the Governments had seperated into one for each country and a few Global Government, such as SPD a special Space Police unit I do believe. Let's get this over with shall we, I doubt you want to hear me monologue... What's the true reason behind the Collision? HeheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Didn't you figure it out... It was me...But who is me... You may find out one day but for now... Enjoy the show."

I gotta believe

I don't wanna know

About how vapid the world is

I don't wanna know

I was better off not knowing at all

Why, why, why, why?

Now I realize I came too far

I can't stop it: I can feel that something is starting

The new Beginning!

I'm going places I would never ever have dreamed of

I gotta believe!

Turning on...


My pulse is racing EXCITE! EXCITE!

Never stopping, I just want to keep on running

Straight to where my heart desires

(HEY!) I'm on a mission right now

(HEY!) I'm on a mission right now

EXCITE! EXCITE! What's your answer?

EXCITE! EXCITE! Let me hear it!

(One) My life is in my hands

(Two) And all I have to do

(Three) Is live it to my best

"All units surround the enemy!" A police officer yells out as around 15 or 16 officers surrounds an entire building, in the inside a group of 3 beast like men are growling as they glare out to the many officers around the building. "Damn it!" A coyote slams a door growling, gazing to his right to a human child around the age of 8 whining in fear. Grabbing a pistol the coyote moves closer to the child aiming it at his skull. "What's wrong kid...too scared, as soon we get our money we will be out of here no problem...SO SHUT UP AND BE A GOOD BRAT!" The child cries out.

Outside a female human screams out. "Kevin! My child! Help him someone!" The officers begin to calm her down as another similar police car comes up, what's different though is the silver badge mark on the hood with an outline of a canine and the letters SPD bold printed on it. The door at the front opens up as a yellow reptilian creature steps out with a pelt of what looks to be a white wolf with blue stripes and purple claws hanging on him, a long yellow horn stuck out of the head as red eyes glisten. The next of the people in the car steps out to be an orange and yellow skinned lizard with a blue eyes, on the tip of it's tail a blazing fire is on it. The third a black and yellow wolf wearing a black suit with tie along with a silver brace, honey colored eyes glowing nearly demonic but with innocence. Last to come is a yellow and white furred fox with azure eyes, the age of a teenager clearly, wearing short blue pants and a white tank top, a yellow coat covering up the white tank with a long topaz colored scarf, the most peculiar thing about this fox is the twin tails that slowly sway behind him, another odd thing is a red crystal is by his side as he glares to the building.

The wolf runs up to the officers. "What's the situation?" "A kidnapping requesting a million for the life of an 8 year old child sir." "How many are in there?" "3 men guarding the child, one at the upper floors acting as a sniper." The wolf gives a nod. "Leave it to us, SPD is on the case." The officer's eyes widens as the wolf motions to the fox and the two reptiles. "Miles a sniper is at the upper floor take him out, Gabu and Heat your with me." The others nod in unison. "Roger!"

The kidnappers are glaring out the windows wondering why things gotten quiet. "Did they give up?" Replies a white rabbit as he peers out a window. Once peering out a ball of blue flames hits the glass melting it followed by a reddish orange flame that hits directly into the face of the rabbit making him duck in pain. A large muscular croc glares out seeing the orange and yellow reptiles jump in. "You kidding me! They brought a Digimon and Pokémon! Are they really desperate!" The croc attempts to cut at them to only have his hand grabbed by the black and yellow wolf who flips him on his back.

The coyote fires at the wolf growling to only get his bullets bounce back by an unforeseen item, a mechanical silver and black bee with black crescent moon eyes along with twin yellow see-through wings. Shocked by it the coyote begins to fire again. "No! They brought a rider!" As the bullets flies the two lizards fires out at him, their flames spiraling and combined hitting the pistol melting it to completion. Dropping the melted weapon in pain the mechanical bee spirals as a yellow stinger sticks out hitting him in the neck, a yellow light glowing as the coyote passes out unconscious. The wolf simply stares to the robotic bee and pets it, "Good work Wasp."

Upstairs a red and black furred fox girl is holding a sniper rifle hearing the ruckus downstairs, deciding to check it out she opens the door to see a yellow and silver spear thrusts into her rifle. Jumping back holding a combat knife she see the yellow fox glaring at her. "What now they send in lil kits to do an adult's job!" The woman growls as she attempts to cut the yellow fox's throat. Backing up in the nick of time the yellow fox holds the red gem. "Ready partner?" A brave voice yells out, "You bet!" A red glow ignites around the yellow fox's hands as he snaps causing a heated red orb rises. "Explosion." With the simple command the orb explodes into a large explosion sending the fox girl out of the window.

Downstairs the wolf helps the child out of the building as the officers begin to thank the heroes for their help, along with the mother of the child. Soon meeting up with the yellow fox they begin to drive off, the wolf stares back to the fox coldly. "Really an Explosion Spell, you realize you might've killed others if you used it." "But I didn't me and Salamander here knows when to hold back." The orange lizard smiles. "It's ok Kaiser, Tails is a good kid he wouldn't harm people without knowing the risks. He is after all a boy genius." The wolf just shakes head.

Their car soon pulls up to a gigantic base as they walk in. A few minutes pass as they enter what seems like a command center looking around suspecting their commander to be there...but he's not.

Meanwhile in a underground lab a blue and white canine like alien, with black borders separating the blue and white, with a dignified look he stares to a large metallic door as a grey hammerhead shark with yellow eyes wearing a lab coat walks by. "Hello captain I see you finally got a few new recruits I asked you for." "Correct Metal. But a question I was told I was getting 7 recruits yet all I received was 4 and a transfer from the Japanese branch called ZECT, where is the rest?" The hammerhead shakes head as he walks off. "Unfortunately we are still searching for the rest, Sou is here to help lead the team as we continue searching for the remaining 3 candidates... Do you think they are good enough?"

The captain shakes head as he shows four separate files. "I'm ok with them really, but a Mobian teenager is really the question." The shark just smiles. "Ah young Miles Prower, the one I personally suggested, he's an adorable genius who was fond of my work, I suggested him due to being not only a prodigy but for his experience in combat. Such as the revolution of Island Mobius. He was also very Gifted with the ability to conduct electricity after an event." The captain nods as he shows the next two. "I'm also happy about you selecting the Gabumon and Charmander but I do wish they were much more experienced in the field. But the next question I have is about this one..." Tosses a file of a red reptile with an orange under belly with purple eyes that get's the attention of the shark. "Oh Salamander, why yes he is a unique case." "A unique case? He's a Spirit!"

Clearing his throat after yelling the canine gazes up. "Now that's over why did you send for me?" The shark gazes up as he types a code into a keypad that slowly opens the large metallic door...on the other end shocks the captain. Strung up around the room lays all sorts of mechanical items as over thousands of wires leads to a singular glowing green capsule in the center, each wires connected to another capsule yet they are purple, inside each of the capsules is a body that had decayed and falling apart, but in the center capsule lays a singular body of a wolf who lays unconscious.

"Metal what is this!" The captain glares to the shark who hangs head. "I'm not proud of it either...but all of these 200 bodies all succumbed to a rare disease and in a last ditched attempt I tried to save them all...I failed and accelerated their decay, so I dig down into their DNA finding something similar, using that similarity I concocted a singular body to live on for their lives...and he is going to be your new 5th recruit as soon he is done."

The captain glares. "Metal, you know how I feel about your cloning and DNA research, it worries me deeply, it reminds me of how I had to put you down in the Metal War." The shark hangs head. "We all wish to forget that time." The captain moves up to the center capsule rubbing it. "What's his name?" The shark walks up wiping a plaque showing the word SHIBA.

Upstairs in the command room the recruits is looking around wanting to know where the captain is, so in the middle of the boredom the orange lizard smiles flame igniting as he looks up. "So...What's the story for the rest of you? How was it that SPD recruited you guys." The black and yellow wolf simply glares. "I have no business with the rest of you, I was asked by my superiors to help out until you all get your requested recruits." The orange lizard pouts until the yellow reptile wearing the pelt smiles.

"You want my story well it's simple, I'm Gabu the Gabumon, I was requested after being rescued from an underground arena...being a Digimon things are rough you know, like all the racism and abuse, I was rescued by a SPD member named Chief, a Leomon who understood I am now."

The orange lizard stares and looks down. "I feel ya...It's the same for us Pokémon too...but instead we are forced to be captured and used to fight...I'm Heat the Charmander and I was rescued when I was abandoned in the forest, my master said I was useless and so left me to die, I was rescued by a red and yellow dragon...I can't remember much bout him but his wings were entirely made of brilliant flames."

The yellow fox stares to the two smiling and looks off. "You all heard the Metal Revolution correct?" They nod as the fox stands tall. "I was amongst the Freedom Fighters that won." This draws attention to all of them as they stare eyes wide. "I was personally a sidekick to one of the greatest heroes, me and my friends had successfully defeated the tyrant and with that I was given a personal recommendation by the head DNA researcher of the SPD Doctor Metal Shark." The black and yellow wolf just scoffs. "You mean the doctor who was once one of the high ranking officials in the Metal Wars, some great recommendation." The yellow fox glares to him. "He was infected by a virus!" "So what he was still a monster!"

The red crystal on Miles begins to burn up till exploding into red searing flames as a red lizard with a purple under belly and eyes flies out, no hind legs but a serpent tail carrying a large silver spear with a small fire ball on top. "How dare you! Metal is a kind soul! Sure he was infected with a monstrous virus he had no partake in the events he done!" Everyone's eyes widens at the sight of the new person as the wolf yells out, "Who are you!?" The lizard glares. "Salamander Spirit of the Flames and I was suggested by the good Doctor as well! As a Divine Spirit I feel like it's my job to help out so me and Tails here made a bond!"

As they all stare to each other a siren begins to alarm them...a siren signifying someone had invaded. "All troops unidentified unit had invade! Pursue and capture!" The recruits stares to the speakers shaking. "Is this a test, this can't be, on the first day of our recruitment?" Asks the Gabumon shocked. Miles shakes as he goes to a monitor looking at who may of invaded. Gazing closely he sees two people, a red and orange wolf with black lipstick and eye shadow wearing black leather pants, two chain bracelets, a skull belt buckle, and a harp like item made of bones and a large steel blade on the top. The second is a tall skinny man with white bone like designs on his body, his shoulders are actual skulls and in the center of his chest a red gem.

Salamander moves closer to the screen staring at them. "Who are these guys?" "Repeat offenders, the wolf is Wolfgang a musician who was betroved to a royal but when composers hated his music he gotten cursed into becoming a werewolf, he is now a heavy criminal for many attempts of murder and theft, the skeleton guy is Skullman a machine created by the late Doctor Cossack and is a surviving robot from the Metal Wars." Heat stares shaking. "Why are they here?" Sou stands tall. "Simple the SPD recently captured a criminal who was suspected to be working for the two...a Dragon who is in Level 13 Prison." Gabu shakes at that. "Ain't that the place where we keep the baddest of the bad?" They all nod shaking as Miles stands tall. "We have to help we can't let them get there." Sou growls, "Rookies should just sit back I'll handle this, Wasp!" The mechanical bee flies to him as he leaves the room.

Heat and Gabu looks to Tails and Salamander, "What do we do?" Tails simply smiles and gazes back, "We do what heroes do, we stop evil." Salamander slowly nods as he changes into a red crystal that Tails grabs and runs out with. Following the yellow fox, Gabu and Heat chases with smiles on their faces.

In the lower levels soldiers screams as black arrows and yellow blast shots as the two villains slowly move closer, the wolf chuckling in excitement. "This is the best raid ever, who would've suspected our appearance really. Let's get Venom as soon we can, I bet he is dying to feast on all these corpses." Skullman nods his head as red and blue fire balls fly past. Turning to the back they see the shooters being Gabu and Heat. Skull tilts head creepily. "Oh weaklings...Who in the world are these matter Wolfgang...kill them." Wolfgang chuckles strumming the harp as black notes flies off his harp followed by an arrow that launches toward them.

As the arrow draws close a red orb appears exploding the arrow in midair. Growling Wolfgang sees Tails walking up holding his spear aiming it. "Your not going anywhere." Skullman not impressed walks off. "Kid after kid...Wolfgang just show them the ferocity you hold." Chuckling at the idea Wolfgang strums his harp as loud music similar to an electric guitar flies off, skeletal hands rising as they carrying him. "Oh I been waiting!" Strumming the harp as several black arrows flies out launching to the heroes.

Dodging the arrows as best they can, they try to run directly at him, Gabu opens his mouth blue flames burning out. "Petit Fire" He launches a ball of blue flames hitting the skeletal hands knocking Wolfgang to the ground as Heat jumps above mouth burning with red and yellow flames. "Ember" Launching the flames out he directly hits the wolf in his face as he growls loudly using the harp as a blade trying to cut Heat until Tails blocks with his spear.  

Wolfgang howls in rage as his fur glows black as tries to bite down at Tails who dodges. Tails aims his spear to the wolf glaring. "Electro Vulpi" The spear glows as twin electric foxes flies out hitting the wolf directly in the chest making him reel back in pain. "Finally..." Tails holds the red crystal smiling as the red orb appears above Wolfgang. "Explosion" The orb explodes in flames knocking the wolf out.

Gabu and Heat stares at this cheering happily. "We did it!" Tails gazes back rubbing the back of his head. "It's not over yet guys, Skullman is still left." They nods as their eyes slowly go blank as they fall one by one. Tails shocked looks around. "What the..." Tails feels a small hit on his neck as he falls to his knees shaking. Stepping up from behind Tails sees Sou glaring down. "A bunch of recruits managed to defeat a class 7 villain by themselves...tch...oh well." He put's hand out as the mechanical bee flies onto the's stinger leaking a yellow liquid.

Tails shakes at him glaring. "What are you doing!?" He says in a raspy breath as he shakes. Sou kneels down smirking, "Simple really." His body begins to shift a large creature with a black and yellow exoskeleton stands tall, long insect wings protruding from his back as his body seems to look more like a wasp. "I'm one of them." He raises his foot stepping on the poor fox knocking his lights out.

Meanwhile in the lab the center cylinder glows brighter and brighter as the canine on the inside shakes...voices of all sorts yelling in his head till one voice...a voice so loud it would wake a person from death, the voice's words loudly resonates, "WAKE UP!!!" The wolf in the glass's eyes widens as alarms sounds greatly, the cylinder shattering as the wolf stands there alone and soaked in green liquid...gazing down to see the plaque reading it to himself. "Shiba..."
United World Episode 1 The Recruits Part 1
This is by far the greatest thing I typed I do believe and really its a tiring sorta thing, but because it's tiring I had specifically decided I shall make at least one episode every 3 days so people start counting down for the next episode.

The opening after the monologue is EXCITE by Daichi Miura and is also the opening to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid which is by far the most intriguing Kamen rider series I ever seen.

All characters is owned by their respectful companies except Shiba he is my Oc

If you wish to ask what would make my series better go ahead and speak with your hearts full I wish to get better in order to please you all
Kamen Rider Krieger
As the enemies grow the corporation makes 2 new drivers with a new set of gems, this time they created Kamen Rider Krieger who is Jaeger's team mate, Krieger is based off the weapons in RPGs, Krieger's owner is a German soldier named Blitz.

"Weapon Select! Sword! Slash it up!"
Krieger's red form who uses a sword as it's form suggests, it also holds a fire attribute ability, though Krieger is rather weaker than most of the rest he makes it up acting like a support, as Sword he can even raise the strength of allies with a skill called Sharpen, his finisher creates over a hundred swords that he fires at the enemies.

"Weapon Select! Staff! Channel the Mana!"
Krieger's blue form uses a staff which gives him the ice attribute, in this form he operates as a mid range and long range attacker, he has the skill called Channel which increases allies mana as well as heal them, his finisher creates five staves that form a pentagram that seals the enemy in a large glacier.

"Weapon Select! Spear! Thrust, Jab, Joust!"
Krieger's green form that uses wind and spears, he is by far the fastest of his forms as well as acting as diversions, his skill is Air Boots which gives allies increased speed, his finisher is a direct thrust with a spear surrounded by a gale of wind.

"Weapon Select! Claw! Kill and Eat!"
Krieger's purple form uses close range combat using special claws, in this form he can blend into the shadows as well as manipulate them to the point his shadows acts like shields, he shows an attitude similar to a starving beast in this form, his finisher creates a clone of shadow that will jump at the enemy clawing at him until Krieger jams his whole arm through it. His Skill is Night Raid which gives everyone the ability to see in the dark, however when Jaeger is in feral Night Raid will control the feral side to make him a docile pet.

"Weapon Select! Axe! Chop, Chop, Chop it Down!"
Krieger's yellow form is the strongest and can withstand some of the harshest damage that some enemies can give, using the rock attribute along with an axe he strikes right up close, his Skill is Harden which raises Defense of allies. His Finisher enlarges his axe as he swings in a 180 degree angle hitting any nearby enemy.

"Weapon Select! Arrow! Shoot the Target!"
Krieger's orange form focuses on long range using arrows that show an electric attribute, he is the fastest shooter of the riders being able to see farther than any form combined. His skill is Eagle Eye which increases accuracy for all allies and that goes double for anyone focusing in ranged tactics such as Kamen Rider Shooter, his finisher fires a rain of arrows all sparking with the electric element.

"Weapon Select! Legend! Behold the Item of the World!"
Krieger's super form uses leveled up weapons of all his items, his sword becomes Durendal a sword that can never be broken no matter what showing fire and holy attributes, next up is the evolved staff caduceus which gives the user the ability to run like a god and control the wind, for the spear it turns into Gungnir which shows electric and wind elements, Fenrir Claws is the next item having the skill to create special chains that propels the user to the enemy, for the axe it was replaced by a hammer belonging the Hephestus showing the ability to control fire and rock in the form of magma, lastly it's Cupid's Arrows showing the affinity for light, as the name suggests the one hit with the arrows will be enthralled to do whatever he wants. His Finisher merges all weapons into a single golden sword which he dubs Excalibur, and with it he slashes down in a vertical slash that can decimate entire civilizations if he so wanted to.
Hi there everybody, I am gonna be working on different series for my account, and don't worry I will get to the characters list for the other 13 Aus but it seems that's a longer and more troublesome act, there is just to many to work with, of course I will try my best at getting to them.

On other news due suspect a new update on my account soon, for the basis of my new series called Collapse Universe, so stay tuned for today...or maybe tomorrow.


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